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Nanaimo Water Taxi & Gulf Islands Water Taxi Services

Unreel Charters has been operating water taxi services around the Nanaimo and Gulf islands areas for several years. In the last few years we have been having more requests for water taxi services. As the demand has grown we have added more information to our website for these services. From shuttling work crews, to bringing families to their vacation properties on remote islands, if it’s marine transportation you require, we can help get you there. We provide safe, reliable marine transportation services from Nanaimo to Victoria and across the Straight of Georgia to Vancouver, Bowen island and other coastal areas. 2 of our more common requests are for Decourcy island water taxi service and Ruxton island water taxi service. Both of these islands have year round populations as well as larger seasonal ones and are boat access only with no ferry services. We also offer water taxi transportation for prospective real estate buyers and realtors to water access only islands. If your looking for marine transportation of any kind, reach out to us today for a quote. For more information on our water taxi services visit our webpage at


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