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Canada Day Nanaimo Fishing Charters Report

July is here already and so is the summer weather. The coho fishing has remained strong on our latest Nanaimo fishing charters, with good catches of hatchery and non hatchery fish. Chinook salmon is still catch and release for another 2 weeks, when it will open July 15th. The size of coho salmon we are catching are growing by the week and putting up good fights while on the line. We have been fishing a lot shallower for the coho, usually under 100’ which is nice compared to when we target chinook and can fish as deep as 250’ down. Through the last few weeks, most of our Nanaimo fishing trips have been able to find some hatchery fish but the ratio of hatchery to non changes daily. We haven’t been targeting springs (chinook salmon) but have been catching some while trolling for coho so hopefully it’s a good sign for when they open July 15.


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