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Nanaimo Fishing Charters 2019

Well its been a long winter and a long wait to get back on the water but finally the time is here! The Chinook salmon are starting to show up in good numbers in the waters off Nanaimo. These early season runs usually hold the most chinook salmon of any runs during our season. If your looking for some of the best salmon fishing the coast can offer, now is the time to go fishing off Nanaimo. While the weather may not be summer like just yet, the fish are here and they are biting! Typically the salmon are deeper this time of year, usually down 175' to 250' and further off shore as these runs are strictly migrating and not holding in specific areas. Still from the time leaving the dock till you have lines in the water can be as little as 10 minutes. Were hoping for another great season ahead and look forward to being out on the water.

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