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Nanaimo Fishing Charters Report 7/19/2017

The last few weeks have been full with of fishing charters. The fishing has been fairly consistent for chinook, coho and lingcod. We have also been seeing lots of killer whales on alot of our Nanaimo fishing charters on Vancouver Island. Its good to see the transient pods so active in the area feeding on the exploding seal populations. A reminder to boaters to keep at least 100m away from the pods when possible. On almost every fishing charter we have been hooking into tons of smaller coho salmon, only about 7-10" long but its a good sign for things to come if there are this many young coho out there. Many days i've lost count how many of these we catch and release, at least with barbless hooks they don't sustain much damage at all when releasing. Lets hope they all come back in another 2-3 years and the fishing will be awesome! Coho are always fun for the kids to catch as they don't fight like the bigger chinook salmon where there's not much forgiveness if you make a mistake on the rod. We still have the odd day available for the rest of the season so don't hesitate to get in touch to book a fishing charter. Cheers

Capt. Blake

nanaimo fishing charters chinook and coho salmon

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