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Nanaimo Fishing Charters Report 5/17/17

Another week in the books doing fishing charters in Nanaimo. To end the week was a great multi day trip with a great group from Alberta. Although we didn't have the best start to this Nanaimo fishing charter due to some ugly weather, we bounced back the next day and got into a good amount of fish and were rewarded with lots of large Dungeness crabs in our pots on the way back in. The trip was capped off by the longest fight with a fish I have ever had in the many years I have been guiding and fishing. It started with a large chinook (easily 20-30lbs) biting our lure and putting up an awesome fight for at least 10 minutes. Then at some point we believe a seal grabbed the fish while it was still on our line, and what ensued after that was another 45 minutes of fighting to get our fish back. After a total of 55 minutes, yes almost an hour of fighting, the call was made to cut the line as this battle would have lasted all day. Just goes to show you when you come out with Unreel Charters, anything can happen! I had a blast guiding for this awesome group and hope to see them back again for another adventure! The weather finally looks to be getting better and the bigger fish are moving into the area so now's a good time to get out on the water. The fish seem to be moving in a bit closer to the shore and structure so heading miles out past the fingers is not necessary anymore.

Make it an Unreel Day!

Capt. Blake

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