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Nanaimo Fishing Report

The last week doing Nanaimo fishing charters we have seen a bit of a change in the fishing off Nanaimo. The fishing has slowed some compared to a few weeks ago. Our fishing charters Nanaimo have still been producing fish just not in the numbers that we were getting weeks ago. This is pretty standard for this time of year, lots of fish come through mid April and filter out through the end of April while other runs come in. There are still lots of fish out there, its just finding them and staying on them is the challenge as they are as shallow as 75 feet all the way down to 200+ feet. Lots of the chinooks around right now are in the 6-15 pound range with some up to mid 20's. We expect to see some different runs and hopefully some bigger springs come into the area over the next week. Also it looks like the weather is supposed to turn around soon and we should get into some sunny weather, which is long overdue!! We are looking forward to all our Nanaimo fishing charters coming up!

Make it an Unreel Day!

Capt. Blake

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