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Victoria Winter Fishing Report

Salmon fishing in Victoria over the last week has been fairly good. Most springs caught are still in the 3-6 lb range, although there are the odd ones in the 10+lb range. The DND Boat Club derby was held last weekend. The winning chinook was 14lbs with the second place bringing in a 12lber and third place was 10lb. The rest of the fish were in the 3-7 lb range. There was a total of 36 fish caught over the course of the derby. The waterfront as well as constance bank have been the best producing areas recently. Most fish are being caught close to the bottom on small glow spoons and hootchies.

For those waiting for the Halibut season to open, its only 2 days away as the Halibut opening starts February 1st!

Off Oak Bay, the salmon fishing has been hit or miss on the flats the last week. The springs that have been caught there were close to the bottom and caught with small glow squirts, spoons and coho killers.

In Sidney, salmon fishing was fairly good the last week, with reports of a few springs being caught that were in the 15-18lb range. Most caught are still on the small side but there are some larger ones out there. The larger ones caught were by Muir and Coal Island. Glow squirts as well as small glow coyotes and glow teaser heads have been working the best.

Best of luck out there!

Capt. Blake

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