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Nanaimo Fishing Charters June Report

Here is to a very long overdue Nanaimo fishing report for June 2018. We have been very busy in May and even more so in June doing lots of Nanaimo fishing charters. We have had some awesome times on the water with some great guests. The salmon fishing this spring has been some of the best I have seen in the waters off Nanaimo. Usually we see a slow down in the June and early July parts of the season as our salmon runs transition from our early runs to our resident runs. This is when we start to see much larger chinook salmon running through our area. Yes we have had some slower days out on the water, as it is still fishing and those days are inevitable, but the majority of trips we are getting into decent numbers of coho and chinook salmon. One of our best days we had over 40 fish to the boat on an 8 hour charter and brought back 8 to the cleaning table! To say the action was non stop is an understatement! Although this type of day doesn't happen alot, we have been getting lots of trips where we have hooked 10-20 plus fish on a charter. The coho fishing has been great again this year which is awesome to see, although you are only aloud to keep hatchery coho, we have been getting a decent amount of them mixed in with the huge amounts of wild coho. Here's to hoping the great fishing continues into the summer. Also as a footnote we are getting quite booked for the summer season, so if you are looking to get out contact us as soon as possible and im sure we can fit you in somewhere! Cheers

Make it an Unreel Day!

Capt. Blake

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