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Nanaimo Fishing Charters Report 7/11/17

We've been having a good last week doing fishing charters on Vancouver Island. We've been getting multiple trips in per day and most trips we have been bringing fish back to the dock. The weather has gotten warmer and the rain has ended so our fishing charters have been a bit more enjoyable. Our spring was one of the wettest on record so summer couldn't come soon enough! Our fishing charters in Nanaimo have been successful for hooking into some decent Chinook and coho salmon, as well as lingcod up to 15 pounds and yelloweye rockfish. Most trips we are having to fish deeper waters to get away from the seals that have been taking our fish right off our lines! Some days the seals will follow the boat for an hour or more waiting for a fish to bite. Just one more thing to make bringing in those big salmon a challenge.

Lingcod nanaimo fishing charters

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